Galvanizar [Single]

“Galvanizar” is out now!

Fairly danceable, Galvanizar comes with a burst of melodies, filtered and layered together. Its a bop from start to finish. The vocoded hook carries an interesting message, in portuguese, about being easy to galvanize generations of denials.

Touching a couple of issues in this strange world of ours perhaps?

It comes in two versions, original + radio edit.

Listen / download: Its available on BandcampSpotifyApple MusicTidal and many other portals.
If you want to hear more music from TSAS, you can check his discography in each store or go to the releases page.


The music already counts with the push from Eletro Vibez (Brazil), dance music media, through an article and social share, as well as Tunet Radio (Portugal) which will add the single to their playlist.

Meanwhile, TSAS continues to spread dance music in numerous sets (his Street Raves) sometimes in unusual places, like one in front of Castle of Guimarães which you can see here, but also in other events/festivals like (DNP 2023).