Our world relies on a rapid exchange and distribution of information. The telecommunications network has expanded drastically, dealing with unimaginable amounts of digital data. With the development of technology, and the birth of AI, it became impossible not to be connected.
There is an uncontrolled access and data flow to this global system, nourishing its growth, becoming equivalent to reality in a tangible sum of all perceptions and knowledge, where data can take physical form and suffer from mutations and viruses in the network.
From the flow of bits of data into a chain of series of algorithm, a DNA structure started to develop and replicate, absorbing the data it could find. Once the process started nothing could stop it until an egg was completely formed and started to hatch.
What came out of it was a small sentience creature, that later evolved into a larger form, now known as Dino.

The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer. Often exploring the boundaries between various styles, TSAS follows the new trends of dance music and his tracks have been included in several compilation albums.
The demand for wide-immersive sounds, through the use of multiple synthesizers and other electronic instruments, along with the mix of different influences, defines his musical style, as well as the live shows being presented with original remixes and deconstructions of his own songs, making his performance unique.
Various magazines and music websites from around the world have mentioned TSAS, in reviews and also interviews. The mystery that surrounds the Dino has piqued the curiosity of many EDM fans and his presence keeps growing along with a number of tunes.

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