Featured: Eletro Vibez (BR)

Article in the magazine

Eletro Vibez, media group from Brazil, specialized in electronic music, has featured TSAS latest single “Galvanizar”, accompanied by a review of the music.

…Self-described as “a dinosaur of electronic music”, the Portuguese DJ and producer at the head of the project lives up to his nickname with a characterization worthy of Jurassic Park, however, conveying much more friendliness than ferocity.

Headed in a mysterious way, the project reached notable milestones, such as an appearance on BBC Radio 1 (UK), Kiss FM (PT and UK), RFT (Switzerland). On platforms like YouTube, there are songs reaching more than 3 million views, including remixes of game or anime tracks, cultures that identify much of the project…

…Its objective of changing the way of thinking about electronic music in Portugal remains strong and forceful, and TSAS shows that there is space for a much more diverse electronic scene, message and purposes that are valid beyond its territory…

– Electro Vibez –
Recorded set in front of Castle of Guimarães, Portugal

You can read the full article in portuguese at the Eletro Vibez website.

Playlisted in Vibez Drops

The single “Galvanizar” was also featured in Vibez Drops playlist at spotify, rich with many EDM songs for anyone to enjoy

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For more info on the single “Galvanizar” you can Read More here. Or listen here: https://dejitama.bandcamp.com/album/galvanizar