Supporting Future Artists w/ Jack Saunders on BBC R1

Scratch & Support!

TSAS uploaded a video with a short scratch mix to support Jack Saunders work and his Future Artists show,  Mon to Wed 20h, on BBC Radio 1. Jack aims for the future of music, always trying to bring the freshest music to the show, one of the reasons for TSAS support!

This mix was played on Future Artists, at BBC Radio 1, on 2021-09-22. Watch the video bellow!

For the work behind it, TSAS stated on socials:

I’ve done a bit of hacking onto BBC sounds, to get a couple of shouts from Jack Saunders. Then I edited those, including a bit of cleaning (reducing the background music & effects) and rendered all into an audio file. This way I would be able to hot cue them and scratch! For the background beat loop, I used  “Cookin Time”, a track from my last album.

Future Artists on BBC R1

Jack Saunders is a British radio DJ and TV presenter from BBC Radio 1 and MTV.
In Future Artists, Jack tries to bring new music and new artists every time it goes live, breaking up with some of the top shows on radio that are always playing the same music over and over again.

In Future Artists there’s always something new and challenging, not paying attention to a specific music genre, quite the opposite. Most often than not, future music brings different genres and styles in one song, much like what kpop is doing right now.

You can listen to Future Artists show on BBC Sounds, now with a new time slot 20h-22h :

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