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Exclusive feature on Radio Olisipo

“Tempo” single on Radio Olisipo The Portuguese radio, Rádio Olisipo, did an exclusive feature of the single at the website, socials and playlist. If you catch it on the live radio feed (12:30, 14:30, 21:00 local time), there’s a brief intro where TSAS talks about the story behind the music. “Hi guys, I’m TSAS. I …

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Tempo [Single + Lyric Video]

“Tempo” is out now! Some of TSAS latest releases have had a special focus on Portuguese lyrics, as a way of getting closer to the local scene, like the songs “Demais”, “Galvanizar”, “1001pts De Fama”, “Slurs” and many other songs. However, this song Tempo (Time in english) has a much wider theme. Its about our …

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Photo: Afternoon by the sea

Recording a set in the afternoon, by the lighthouse, Sep 14th. Summer is ending the but the weather is still warm.

Galvanizar [Single]

“Galvanizar” is out now! Fairly danceable, Galvanizar comes with a burst of melodies, filtered and layered together. Its a bop from start to finish. The vocoded hook carries an interesting message, in portuguese, about being easy to galvanize generations of denials. Touching a couple of issues in this strange world of ours perhaps? It comes …

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Featured: Eletro Vibez (BR)

Article in the magazine Eletro Vibez, media group from Brazil, specialized in electronic music, has featured TSAS latest single “Galvanizar”, accompanied by a review of the music. …Self-described as “a dinosaur of electronic music”, the Portuguese DJ and producer at the head of the project lives up to his nickname with a characterization worthy of …

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