My Radio [Album]

New album, “My Radio”, is out now!

The portuguese artist, TSAS, has a new album called “My Radio”!

The sound is daring and electrifying, showing, without a doubt, that party music is much more diverse and profound than the drop.

This release is a pyramid of carefully placed sounds with various high-spirited moments for the listener to travel to. The portuguese vocals, most high pitched and clipping, add an out-of-this-world touch to the album, along with its snarly percussion and hard hitting synths.

You can Stream and Download here:

The 11 track album is available on all major stores, including Bandcamp, iTunes, Tidal, Beatport and Spotify. Some stores might not listed in the link above, but go to the store you want and search for the Artist/Album.

Playlisted at Trap City’s Spotify and Youtube

One of the tracks from the album, “Fighting Spirit”, which follows an “asian trap” style, containing japanese percussion, shamisen, koto and other instruments, got playlisted on Trap City. Its one of the best portals of modern Trap and Bass Music, based in Netherlands.

You can got to the playlist here:

“Fighting Spirit” was also uploaded onto Trap City’s youtube channel, with 13.9M subscribers. Full article and video here!

Trap City: Youtube | Soundcloud | Spotify