Live at comic Con PT 2024

Playing in the 4 days of the event

Comic Con Portugal, 21-24 March 2024, counted on TSAS to play a show every day/evening of the event, commemorating the 10th year anniversary!

TSAS presented new and unreleased remixes, from Jurassic Park, My Hero Academia and Sonic, to name a few known titles. People at Comic Con could easily connect to these and it was interesting to see the engagement and dedication to games, cosplay and pop culture in general.

An interesting coincidence happened in one of the 4 days, when TSAS played his remix of One Winged Angel (From Final Fantasy VII). He spotted a cosplayer of “Sephiroth” in the crowd and invited him on stage. “Sephiroth” is an iconic character of the Final Fantasy franchise, appearing in a lot of games and anime.

Here’s a peak of how the show went:

@tsasproject Outro vídeo do set na @comicconportugaloficial ♬ original sound – TSAS

With Cosplayers

In addition, and since TSAS is a big fan of the pop culture, also took the chance to meet a couple of cosplayers

Only for cosplayers and otaku this time 😉 Just sad I wasn’t able to get everyone’s name/IG.


Leia (Star Wars) @xilalestrange
Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) @candypandamiao
Mirko (My Hero Academia) @_indiaborges_
Hidan (Naruto) @cosplayby_dante
Lucyna (Cyberpunk Edgerunners) @maribluk
Rebecca (Cyberpunk Edgerunners) @cos.nebula
Master Roshi (Dragoon Ball) @randomdreammaker
Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) @tsasproject
Mario (Super Mario) @constantinoalmeida87
Ahsoka (Star Wars) @veramoreira86
Beelzebumon (Digimon Tamers) @theproxy_cos
Mizora (Baldur’s Gate) @debnise
Padmé (Star Wars) ig: ??
Harley Quinn (DC Comics) @sillycat_cosplay
Ompeoqed @adrianadanielagomesvidal
Kylo Ren (Star Wars) @mr.fredtelles
Darth Vader (Star Wars) @geremias_kasprik_vidal
Denji (Chainsaw Man) @ryukoku_zero
Paimon (Genshin Impact) @fungilierxica
Kimberly (Kim Possible) ig: ?? (spotted in the back ;))

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