Inside Your Mind [Album]

Inside Your Mind [Album] Out Now!

TSAS just released his latest album called “Inside Your Mind”. His leading-edge approach to electronic music, with a meticulous sound design, allowed him to push things forward and create a variety of new sounds.

The Portuguese producer has been putting out several tunes, across a wide spectrum of dance music influences, from tech-house, more common in his country, to the more americanized dubstep and trap. With this album, TSAS went deeper into experimentation, neglecting specific genres, which resulted in a fusion, designed to please the bass music generation.

The tracklist is: 01. IYM (Intro),   02. One Of Us,   03. Protect,   04. Inside Your Mind,   05. Drop That   
06. Think Of You,   07. Raga Feegood,   08. Replace,   09. All U Ever,   10. Yearbook,   11. IYM (Reprise)

The album is available at many digital platforms like Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and more. Get it here:

Creating an Album with a purpose

With a few exceptions, full albums have less meaning in EDM, unlike Singles and EPs which deliver music to fans more frequently. With this in mind, TSAS wanted to put together a coherent piece, in a short time, that didn’t feel like a collection of singles. In addition, the album starts and ends in a similar fashion, including an orchestral arrangement.




Singles present in the album and features

It contains the singles: “Think Of You” (“unique melody and vocals, a production inspired by the Japanese culture” – 100% DJ, PT), “All U Ever” (featured in Warehouse Weapons spotify playlist – The Music Ninja, US) and “Yearbook” (“sparkle-trap heater with a soundscape that makes me feel like I’m an anime character” – Nest HQ, US).

After listening to all the tracks, we’re totaly convinced that this is a new talent to consider.

– Club DJ Portugal –


This release was featured at Club DJ Portugal website, along with a review and preview of the album (Click here to read article, in Portuguese). The track “Protect” (track 3) was selected for the week’s TOP 5, and the week after, “Replace” (track 8) appeared in their TOP 5 as well.

Club Dj Portugal has been covering many topics like music, clubbing and national artists. Here’s their website:

Glam Magazine, a Portuguese magazine covering a wide range of topics in music, culture, fashion, lifestyle and related events, wrote about “Inside Your Mind”. Mentioned the artist’s roots and evolution that lead to the creation of this album (article in Portuguese).

Glam Magazine:


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The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer.

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