Funky Trickster [Single + Lyric Video]

Funky Trickster [Single]

Funky Trickster Out Now!

New single by TSAS is called “Funky Trickster” and it’s available on all major platforms since Tuesday, 26th May.

Music doesn’t necessary need to follow a specific pattern in order to make you dance. Sometimes the tracks that are hard to guess are the ones that caught your attention. Funky Trickster, like the name implies, can trick you in so many ways. Play like a trickster, you beat junkie, so ya’ll gonna go funky!

Get your copy here: It’s available at Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, Apple Music and many other platforms!

Funky Trickster Lyric Video

The Lyric Video of “Funky Trickster” was published on youtube on Tuesday, June 2nd, one week after the single release. The vibrant animation contrasts with the hectic and frenetic messages. The video itself is a non-stop audio-visual stimulus with several layers of complex rhythms.

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About tsasproject

The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer.

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