Demais [Single]

Demais [Single] is out now!

The Strange Algorithm Series (ou TSAS abbreviated) has released a new single 13th Jan.

Its called “Demais”, showing that portuguese music doesn’t have to be boring or old-fashioned. This playful house song has the right amount of power to hit the dancefloor hard from the start of 2023!

Its available on BandcampSpotifyTidalApple Music and many other platforms. Get it here:

The main hook “nunca é demais” (in Portuguese) means “its never too much”. Its a song about a strong love relationship, without the need to chose between giving and receiving, where everything comes natural in a “non-formal dance” (lyrics: “em danças nada formais”)

It was played a couple of times during the “street raves” that TSAS has been making across several cities of Portugal (north of the country mostly), with a good feedback from the public.