Chega de Games [Single]

Chega de Games [Single]

Chega de Games out now!

The new single by the Portuguese producer, TSAS, is called “Chega de Games” (meaning: Enough with Games) and was released on December 3rd.

It’s about following a dream for a very long time, facing many struggles along the way and never giving up.

Its available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal and many other platforms here:

“Chega de Games” track grabs the listener right from the start, with a carefully processed sound and a boomy bass kick that leads the track nicely. The main vocal line is sung in Portuguese and acts as a bridge, establishing the theme of the track, preparing us to the hard-hitting drop.

Influences from the 90’s attitude of dance & Hiphop can be found in this song, following TSAS latest EP “#NOBODYCARES”. TSAS played a cleaner version of “Chega de Games”, along with some of the tracks in his latest EP, in a live show, last September, at a Portuguese festival (clip from the show:

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The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer.

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