Afternoon Sweets [Album]

Afternoon Sweets [Album]

Afternoon Sweets [Album]

The first Album by The Strange Algorithm Series is released! Afternoon Sweets represents almost a year of work, containing most of the known dubstep hits, like Dino Song and DNA, plus newer tunes of electro and progressive house.

1. Dino Song
2. DNA
3. Just Rockin’ It
4. What Is The Mind That Works
5. Run A Run
6. Don’t Wanna Let Me Go!
7. We’re All Connected
8. Hey Now Right Now
9. Omni Experience
10. Industrialization Is Human Replacement
11. Rhythmic Patterns
12. Round And Around
13. Kill All The Bullies
14. Afternoon Sweets

This album is a great addition and it represents a bit of everything really.

Go grab your copy. You can also buy it at iTunes and Beatport.

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About tsasproject

The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer.

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