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Audio Skills - Music Production TipsScott Hawksworth (founder of invited TSAS to be part of a Music Production article. This article covers the best tips from many experienced artists! It was published on September 6th, as a web guide for audiophiles of all skill levels.

This article focus on many aspects of music production, being divided into three sections: Strategy, Techniques and Bonus (inc. best plugins and career advice, etc). Here’s a sample on Music Arrangement subsection:

Organization is everything. Music is made of sequences, and each sequence can usually be divided into smaller ones. The repetition of these sequences allows us to almost guess what’s coming next in a piece of music and sometimes it makes you dance. Organize these sequences and build them in a way that it stands out from other productions. You’ll find that there are certain areas, between two major sequences/parts, where you can improvise instead of doing something traditional. Play with breaks and rhythm, without compromising the flow or vibe of your song. — The Strange Algorithm Series,

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Additional Recomendations

Also, there are 3 additional articles available, containing more info and technical details on sound creation and designing:

– Music Production Plugin Recommendations –
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– Drum Programming & Beat Making Tips –

You can find TSAS’s ideas and points of view, along with many excellent contributors! Be sure to check them because this is probably one of the best guides out there.


AudioSkills-Logo_150pAudioSkills was launched by Scott Hawksworth and the Recording Excellence LLC team, based in the United States. The platform is for anyone who wants to learn about music, including recording, mixing, mastering and music production. You can find many videos, workshops, podcasts and more.

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