Afternoon Sweets [Album]

The first Album by The Strange Algorithm Series is released! Afternoon Sweets represents almost a year of work, containing most of the known dubstep hits, like Dino Song and DNA, plus newer tunes of electro and progressive house. 1. Dino Song 2. DNA 3. Just Rockin’ It 4. What Is…

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Revista Quantum – The Monstrous Side Of Dubstep

Revista Quantum is a music mag based at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here is an excerpt from the interview. We spoke with TSAS, Electro and Dubstep producer that explores the boundaries between genres electronics. Meet his story, tastes and musical influences, productions and news for the coming months. TSAS … What is the…

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Sohblog interview with TSAS

TSAS // Dino

Sohblog is a music website from Amsterdam, Netherlands, whose Dino had the opportunity to chat with and answer a few questions. Here’s an excerpt: 3.  Where did the name come from? TSAS has an interesting story and sometimes passes unnoticed. “The Strange Algorithm Series” can be interpreted like a chain of DNA that…

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