NFM Radio Interview

Dino, aka TSAS, was interviewed by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, in his weekly radio program “Arranca Corações”, that went live on Sunday, October 18th, at NFM Radio. The radio show starts with the song “MMORPGs” (from the EP: Rise Of Machines) and in the middle there is a small live-set. The program…

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“I Rel8” is #4 in 100% DJ Top 5

The song “I Rel8”, from the EP: Your Argument Is Invalid, was selected by 100% DJ, as #4 in the TOP 5 original Portuguese productions, released in September 2015. To celebrate the International Day of Music held each year on October 1, the Portal 100% DJ has the honor to present…

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Your Argument Is Invalid [EP]

This release is embodied with a nostalgic and warm retro feeling, but refreshing at the same time. Remember the 8-bit music we were used to hear when playing those classic arcade games? That kind of sound is what makes this 6-track EP stand out! Like a video-game, every song tells…

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“Human Nature” is #1 in Top 5 by Club DJ Portugal

“Human Nature (Original Mix)” is #1 in this week’s TOP ‘5’ Extra tracks! Club DJ Portugal is an online platform which exclusively promotes the nightlife, supporting national producers/DJs, RP´s, MC´s, performers and agents. You can find Club DJ Portugal at Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Online radio. “Human Nature” is part of the 6-track French Electro…

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100% DJ – TSAS presents new releases

100% DJ shared an article about my upcoming releases. 100% DJ is a known music portal from Portugal, following and promoting the national, and international, nightlife, with daily articles, interviews and reviews. The original version is written in portuguese, so here’s a small translation: The portuguese DJ and producer Dino, better…

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Random Glitch [Single]

TSAS’s third single released through Noize Bangers label will soon be available. Random Glitch is a club/festival oriented EDM track with some retro video-game influences. Release is scheduled for 23rd August 2015. Soon all download buy links will be updated in the Releases page.

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Nominated for Best International Act 2015

I’ve been nominated for the Best International Act 2015 by Pure M Awards! Pure M Awards is a live music awards show organized by Pure M, with the aim of giving recognition for artistic creation in Ireland, including European and International awards too. All acts nominated will go through a…

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New label new releases

I’m now working with Noize Bangers too, a cool EDM label from Italy, who I had the chance to sign two new tracks of mine. These are some heavy Big Room style songs. Raves ‘N’ Spirit [Single] was released few days ago and SHINKA [Single] will be out in a…

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Rise Of Machines [EP]

The most awaited monster dubstep EP is out now! Rise Of Machines is a new revolution and it sounds filthy! Also includes a trance remix by Ronoakey. Here is the tracklist: 1. Rise Of Machines 2. Destroyed 3. Apart 4. Decisions Within 5. MMORPGs 6. Decisions Within (Ronoakey Remix) Label:…

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Live act at Iberanime OPO 2014


My concert yesterday at IberAnime OPO was awesome! Thanks guys! For that surprise I was talking about (teaser here), yes, I played a remix of AKATSUKI theme from the anime NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN, dubstep style! I’ll post the remix in my soundcloud & youtube as soon as possible but first I have to confirm the copyright with the original producer Yasuharu Takanashi, and maybe release it officially. I’ll keep you posted.