Lit Up [Single]

Lit Up [Single]

New single, Lit Up, is out!

“Lit Up” is out since 27th August. It will certainly satisfy all the bass-heads fearlessly looking for new experiences, so make sure to check this one out.

It’s vital that the bass music of today, especially dubstep, shows a strong attitude to stand out in any rave or moshpit. But the level of screeching that hits heavily when the track drops is impossible to describe. “Lit Up” is chaotic and has a life of its own.

Let’s go lit up the place!

Get your copy here:  Its available on all major platforms.

The single got featured on Portugal’s dance music and DJ portal 100% DeeJay. It also mention’s TSAS next show, at a festival taking place in Seixal, Portugal. (article in portuguese: )

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The Strange Algorithm Series (TSAS abbreviated) comes from a series of genetic modifications that gave origin to a being, Dino, an electronic music producer.

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