EDM Ranks Interview, WLKM review and more

TSAS releases & interview with EDM RANKS

Interview with EDM Ranks and track review

TSAS was interviewed by Chad Samson from EDM Ranks (United States). EDM Ranks is a music website and network dedicated to electronic dance music. They are very involved in the scene, from sharing new music to covering underground and upcoming artists.

The article also includes an exclusive review of WLKM, single released on 22 August.

WKLM stats with a nice steady house kick that builds on nice hit hats accompanied with a nice smooth melody that slowly blends in and seems to memorize your brain, taking your mind into another world, and totally rewriting your thoughts as you think. WKLM keeps it’s groove and energy the entire time, building up and transforming into a constant evolution of sounds and synths that are blending together seamlessly taking you into rapture.

– Chad Samson / EDM Ranks –

In the interview, TSAS shares his ideas, inspiration that lead to the production of WLKM, and more.

I wanted to go with something underground, a bit dark, techy, but following a progressive line, with a new and modern approach. I’ve been listening to old modular synthesizers in new and old songs in electronic music and other styles for inspiration. A great example of that is the “Stranger Things” intro. I gathered a few examples and my tools to replicate that sound “in-the-box”…


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WLKM (Radio Edit) Video

A Redio Edit version of this release is available on TSAS Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the YT channel and keep up with the latest!



#2 in Progressive House Releases

2017-08-31-Club DJ Portugal - #2 ProgressiveHouse_512pTerminals was also included in the weekly top 5 by Club DJ Portugal, in the Progressive House releases.
Full article and list (in Portuguese) here.

For those who don’t know, Club DJ Portugal supports national/Portuguese producers and DJs, exclusively promoting the nightlife. This online platform is known by their weekly charts of the best tracks/releases and online radio with resident artists and DJs.
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