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For more than 25 years, DJ Mag has been one of the biggest electronic music brands. They have a strong global presence, with assets spanning print, web, video and events. DJ Mag has been awarded “Best Music Magazine” at the International Dance Music Awards a record 17 times. “In 2015, DJ Mag was chosen by Apple as one of only seven influencers for their 2015 launch of Apple Music. As owners of the influential Top 100 DJs and Top 100 Clubs polls, DJ Mag is read and respected worldwide.” (more info: http://djmag.com/info/about)

According to their website “Over 1million people vote in Top 100 DJs”. Check their latest Top 100: http://djmag.com/top100djs.

Is the influential and famous TOP 100 by DJ MAG a popularity list?

Many people, including both EDM fans and artists, consider that this TOP 100 DJs is, at least, controversial. Mainly because good, known, experienced and exceptional DJs/Producers are at the bottom of the chart, while new artists, some with only a few hits, occupy higher positions. This list doesn’t look right and it seems to have nothing to do with the quality of the performance & music of a DJ.

To answer the question, DJ Mag Top 100 isn’t a popularity contest! And it’s a lot worse than you might think.

This is a list of DJs that pay the most for marketing services… Some even pay 10.000 and 50.000 of euros for their DJ Mag campaign!

This is a list of DJs that pay the most to DJ MAG and for services of marketing/promotion, so they can appear on this Top. Some even pay 10.000 and 50.000 euros for their DJ Mag campaign! Laidback Luke, known DJ and Producer, talks about this in this video: http://youtu.be/8ExmG-F9Dnw?t=4m26s.

Your next question would be, why does a DJ want to pay to appear in a controversial list like this? What this list means, although most EDM fans don’t realize, is that your favorite DJs can ask for higher fees depending on their Top position. This is something that DJs have been managing to do over the years (higher position = better DJ). And who pays for these higher fees?… All of us! Through festivals/clubs/event tickets.

Buying votes?… Everybody keeps silent

According to Laidback Luke (video here – he had the chance to talk with some artists) and other articles, a few DJs admitted approaching indian companies to buy likes and bots to hack DJ Mag Top 100 voting system! This is how unknown DJs appear on the Top 100, since all they need is money to buy these promotion services.

Top100-votenowAfter analyzing all of this, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that DJ Mag is the one who benefits entirely. They are smart. Their scheme (it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad) allows them to obtain the highest profits. But since DJs also gain with this, almost everybody keeps silent about what’s going on.

Higher fees VS Talent

While this farce takes place, there is an increasing disadvantage of many other artists, like Mat Zo, Flume, Bassnectar, Daft Punk, Disclosure, to name a few (who may not even appear in this list in the future), when compared to the ones on the Top 100.

The EDM industry is becoming highly competitive too and due to the wrong reasons, because it has nothing to do with musical quality or talent, but instead with aggressive marketing + hacking. This is a serious and scary thing, now that most of us are paying for a big lie!

Finally, the next time you vote for your favorite DJ, consider this: you’re agreeing to pay a lot more to see your favorite artist live.  And don’t get the wrong idea! Every hardworking artist, old or new, has the right to be (and should be!) compensated through higher fees. But this is a different case since we’re talking about talent.

Top100-1-ghost-producerGhost Production

Now that this is settled, think about Ghost Production for a minute or two and how it relates to some of the artists in the TOP 100.  You can check this Interview with a ghost producer by Dave Jenkins at UKF blog.

There is one ghost producer, however, who has come forth and talked about it. Maarten Vorwerk has produced hundreds of hits for most TOP 100 DJs, but have you ever heard about him? Read what Maarten Vorwerk has to say when asked about EDM ghost production websites like www.edmghostproducer.com:

…someone who is trying to get his DJ career on the road but needs music to build his profile and hasn’t got a big budget to hire someone like me. It’s a win-win situation.

– Maarten Vorwerk (We Rave You – Exclusive interview to Maarten Vorwerk)

Anyone with a big budget can buy songs, have his name on those hits, tour worldwide, get on the Top 100, and most importantly, lie to his fans. This “complex” and not so transparent EDM industry is what it is, but we, music fans and artists, can change it if we start to think and act.


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